About Us

VITAL ID is a range of OH&S products sold exclusively by the Safety HQ group in Australia and New Zealand.

VITAL ID is a range of simple products that save lives in the workplace.

No one ever wants to be in the situation where they are seriously hurt at work but if you are you want as much in your favour as possible.  You want those who are assisting you to know any VITAL information that may help save your life!  This is where the range of VITAL ID products help.  Immediately those providing you any assistance know your VITAL details.  SO SIMPLE, SO LIFE SAVING!

The VITAL ID range is distributed by the Safety HQ group as this range supports our core principle of providing safer workplaces for Australian workers.

The Safety HQ Members are the most knowledgeable and experienced distributors of workplace safety products in Australia.  We provided total safety solutions for business, not just safety products.



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